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Piano Dollies

2-Piece Piano Dolly

  • Used to Move Pianos, and Many Other Large Heavy Items
  • Designed for use with 2 People
  • 2 Pieces Strap Together to Adjust to the Size of the Item
  • Each Side has Flip-up Handles to Help make Lifting Easier
  • Once Strapped on, Wheels Lower to Lift Item for Moving to the Intended Area

3 Hour $15.00
8 Hour $20.00
24 Hour $23.00

Piano Skid Dolly

  • A Large one piece dolly used to move Pianos or other Large / Heavy Items
  • L Shaped Design, with Flip-up Handles on one end, Straps on the other end, and rollers on 2 sides
  • Recommended for use with 2 people 

3 Hour $15.00
8 Hour $20.00
24 Hour $23.00

Reservations for 3 Hour Rate must Start at 8am
8 Hour Rate: 8-4:30pm
24 Hour Rate: is 8am-8am or 5pm-4:30pm

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