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Pressure Washer Accessories

Surface Cleaner

  • Simpson 20″ Industrial Surface Cleaner
  • Uniformly Cleans Large Surface Areas Such as; Sidewalks, Driveways, Patios, Garage Floors, Parking Lots, and Shop Floors
  • Balanced Spray Bar Rotates with 2 High Pressure Tips 
  • Rigid Bristle Skirt Helps Keep Water Contained
  • We Recommend 3500 PSI or Higher Pressure Washers

8 Hour $40.00
24 Hour $46.00

 High Pressure Tip

  • Rotating High Pressure Tip Increases the Power of the Spray
  • Use on Sidewalks, Driveways, Muddy Areas, Track Machines, and Concrete Surfaces
  • Works Great to Remove Old Peeling Paint

8 Hour $25.00
24 Hour $28.75

Pressure Washer Extension Wand

  • Extend Your Reach, Use for Cleaning Siding, Under Gutters, and Any Higher Vertical Surface
  • Remain Safely on the Ground while working
  • Fiberglass and Aluminum Construction
  • Extends from 6’8″ to 18′

8 Hour $15.00
24 Hour $17.25

Extra 50′ Pressure Hose

  • If you Need to Reach Farther Than 50′, Rent Another Pressure Hose

8 Hour $10.00
24 Hour $11.50

8 Hour Rate: 8-4:30pm
24 Hour Rate: is 8am-8am or 5pm-4:30pm


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